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The All Weather Loan Solution

What is the AllInOne Loan

The ALLINONE LOAN allows for an individual to lower their loan’s principal fast, and in doing so save tens of thousands of dollars in interest. This product, the ALLINONE LOAN, provides flexible access to your home’s equity dollars for thirty years without forcing you to refinance! It's flexible, easy to use and will change the way you think about mortgages and your money! Some benefits of the product are:

1) The all in one is a home loan that works like a fully secured checking account and allows borrowers the freedom to use their income to reduce their exposure to harmful mortgage interest

2) All deposits are applied 100% to loan principal which lowers the outstanding daily balance in which interest is computed

3) Access to the deposited funds is provided 24/7 through ATM debit cards, check writing, online bill-pay and ACH Transferring

4) Home financing and personal banking combined into one fluid financial too.

Some specifics on this product are as follows:

1) This product is for both new home purchases AND refinances

  1. Also Primary, Second, and Investment homes

2) the AllInOne Loan is a 30-year loan (25 years in Texas) and provides access to home equity dollars through its banking features without forcing the borrower to refinance

3) This product requires good credit and is most suitable for cash-flow positive individuals

4) Borrowers can pay-off their homes sooner, build equity faster and free-up money that can be used to build wealth with all without changing how they live their life.

The old way of financing (through a 30-year product) separates your checking/savings with your mortgage, where your income sits idle until you spend it on a mortgage payment, or save enough to make an investment. The 30-year mortgage is a high interest first, low principal payment. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have your money, even if you are waiting to spend it, work for you until you do spend it?

That is exactly what the ALLINONE LOAN does. To get a little more granular on this product, it ultimately combines a checking and savings account with their mortgage (We create that combined account).

Every dollar you earn/have gets applied 100% towards your owed balance, and at that point your mortgage payment is calculated off the new balance at the end of each day (recasts Daily). For example, let’s say you owe $110,000 on your home and you have $50,000 you are waiting to use to make an investment in several months. You could let that money sit against your mortgage until you need it and offset your mortgage payment by that $50,000, meaning you are now making payments on a balance of $60,000 instead of $110,000. That extra money is no longer being paid to a bank, but rather saved by YOU the individual.

The refinance and purchase process is very similar to that of a conventional loan. There are some creative ways we can add income to a person’s specific scenario. High asset individuals (Checking, Saving, Stock, Bonds, 401(k)) can be used as asset depletion to add income to a specific person’s file.

If I qualify for this product, why wouldn’t I just do something such as:

Cash out Refinance- Now there is nothing wrong with doing a cash out refinance, it is useful for the right people in the right scenario. The issues with 30, 20, 15-year mortgages, is that it costs you money every single time you want to get access to your money. So, every extra principal deposit you make is now locked away unless you refinance or sell.

2nd position HELOC- For the right scenario’s, sure this is not a bad idea. But even when you get a second position mortgage you are still obligated on your first mortgage. You are splitting your dollars up between two items that need to be paid off/down and doesn’t create the most efficient environment for a specific household.

To recap, the ALLINONE LOAN allows for hyper efficiency of your dollars, while giving you access to your money. There is so much more creativity with this product than debt elimination, it allows for easy access to your money to use for future investing.

Contact Harrison George, Loan Officer with CMG Financial and Partner with Hawaii New Alliances for further details.


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