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“Hard work, works” my dad always says this to me as a reminder that working hard and putting in the time will yield positive results, but it isn’t instant, it needs to be consistent and you have to be dedicated.


A normal day involves getting into the office in the early morning hours until my workload for the day is finished.  Once I leave the office, I spend time with my dog and then go to the gym in the evening. I usually end up working for several hours on Saturday and Sunday to make sure that I am as responsive as possible for people buying a home as it is historically known as a stressful purchase, and it is my job to help reduce that stress. People utilize me because I can help build a future game plan (with the individual) based off their goals. I follow up on those goals even after the transaction is done. 


The culture at CMG is unlike any company I have ever been a part of.  I am excited to arrive work because the people in my office and on a  corporate level create a fun environment to work in. I help people customize home loan solutions for all types of residential properties and for all types of reasons (Primary, second, investment). I've been raised in the financial world and specialize in residential financing. In Boise Idaho, I’ve been mentored by Adam Pugmire, an incredibly insightful person who taught me not only about mortgages; he also taught me how to truly create a positive experience for customers and people I work alongside alike. I do what I do because it is incredibly rewarding to help  first-time homebuyers purchase their first home or clients attain their dream home and everything in between—and knowing I am the one who helped them. 

Families that have been told time after time that they will never own a home often come to me feeling discouraged and seek my advice. Their dilemmas have turned into opportunities for me find solutions that other people have not been able to show them. This has played on the knowledge my mentor provided to me that my job is to help people whether it's now or six months from now. The answer is never “no” but “not now, and I will show you how we can”


Not every loan is created equal.  If you are looking at financing it is important to know your goals in the next several years, it is important to know your game plan. It is very important to stay in contact even after the transaction so we can add as much value as possible.


When Steve and Lori contacted me on Christmas Eve of 2021 to share their idea about Hawaii New Alliances, I saw a vision created by the team. It excited me knowing we can build a foundation for many new families in the beautiful state of Hawaii.


The people of Hawaii and culture is completely different from anywhere I have ever been. They are loving, good-humored, down-right fun and entertaining group of people to be around. They know how to love, appreciate, and celebrate life.


Growing up as a child into my adulthood, Hawaii serves as a special gathering place for my family and I to spend quality time together. I regularly travel between Hawaii, California, and Idaho. When I am home in Hawaii, I can decompress from work, and enjoy life. My favorite thing to do when I am home is to walk on Kailua Beach.  It is truly a dream for many to do this and I am grateful whenever I get the chance for this splendid experience. The beauty of Hawaii allows for a massive break in a stressful industry and provides a time for me to ground and re-energize myself.

My family is very important to me. My whole intention of working is so I can create a future that allows for us to explore and adventure together.  Knowing this, I am driven to help other families to reach the same.


In my spare time I enjoy going fishing with my friends, golfing, and taking my dog on hikes over the weekend. I enjoy reading and am very passionate about space and science. Something about the unknown of space is incredibly fascinating and I can't get enough of it. 

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