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Founded in Hawaii, our logo is a silhouette of a Hibiscus Leaf (The Hawaii State Flower) illustrating Aloha. The Leaf is colored Gold to symbolize Luxury--customization, dedication and fiduciary care.  We chose a gold hibiscus leaf for Hawaii New Alliances to represent  positive change in a person’s life. “Turning a new leaf” is synonymous with transitioning into something new and extraordinary -taking a big leap  to move  forward in a life changing direction such as purchasing a new home or necessary steps to pursue a dream. The different services offered by those featured on this site may assist in helping one achieve his or her dream.


The name Hawaii New Alliances describes newly discovered relations created as a result of bridging visitors on our platform to people we select from our personal network of connections we have the pleasure of knowing and experiencing positive interactions with.  We share personal, true to the heart storytelling of these individuals allowing others to see them from different perspective. 

Steve Connell, Lori Chang, and Harrison George provide Wealth Management, Real Estate and Financial Lending Services.  We are available for you to work together as a Team  or independently to your needs. 

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