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A Dynamic Synergy Come Together

Our Team
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Hawaii New Alliances partner Steven Connell is founder and chief investment officer at Diamond Head Financial Advisors, a boutique money-management firm catering to wealthy clients in Hawaii and throughout the country. Before founding Diamond Head Financial Advisors, Steve retired as a partner at the Tokyo office of the Capital Group Companies, managers of the American Funds, one of the best known and best performing mutual funds in the country 



Harvard College  Cum Laude 1981 Concentration in Government

1981 Graduate of GE Financial Management Program (FMP)

MBA London Business School  1992-1994

Concentration Advanced Corporate Finance

Series 65 Registered Investment Adviser

Overseas experience: 
Global Semiconductor Specialist Japan 1996-2007; 
GE Financial Analyst   London 1990-1992; 
1988-1990 Hong Kong GE Headquarters 


Number one ranked analyst at the Capital Group Companies, 
• Managed $5 billion in global technology 
• Based in Japan 11 years
• Promoted to Capital Group partner in five years 
• Best global small-cap performer over 5 year period in Japan 
• Achieved outsized returns for billions invested in Samsung Electronics, TSMC, KLAC, Ibiden, ASML. 
• Pioneered Capital's entry into Emerging Markets technology companies like TSMC, Samsung Electronics 
• Partnered with Samsung Electronics management team to restructure company in 1998 
• Recommended first outside director to Samsung Electronics board 
• Spearheaded Capital’s early entry into Indian IT market 
• Founded Diamond Head Financial Advisors in 2011
• Broadcast weekly “Financial Minute” on ESPN radio, Hawaii, 2015-16  
• Published in Financial Times, Wall St Journal Letters to Editor, Newsmax, Seeking Alpha


Lori Chang (RA)
License #84932
Luxury Sales Team

Pacific Century Properties

(RB -8153)


Hawaiki Tower

88 Piikoi Street, Suite 301

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Hawaii New Alliances partner Lori Chang is a licensed real-estate agent with Sachi Hawaii Pacific Century Properties LLC, a premier luxury real estate company based in Honolulu, HI. Founded in 2003 with the sole purpose of providing premier real estate services catering to worldwide audience, Sachi Hawaii's culturally sensitive and adaptive approach allows for an unrivaled global presence serving local international buyers and sellers. Given Lori's background in luxury retail, it was important to Lori to plant her feet with a brokerage firm synonymous with luxury.  The stars aligned when Lori and Sachi Braden (Principle Broker of Sachi Hawaii Pacific Century Properties LLC) attended a private showing scheduled for Sachi's client. Prior to her client arriving, Sachi and Lori reconnected.  Sachi invited Lori to join her brokerage and ever since, Lori has successfully handled multiple property sales from start to close. 

Lori's background in Luxury Retail Sales Management spans over 13 years of experience.  Most recent as a GM at Burberry during the era when Angela Ahrendts turned around the company. Lori is inspired by Angela's business philosophy, a people-first approach to unify the Brand Image. 


Working under Burberry's continuous evolution toward elevating their Brand image led Lori to embrace change in everything she does.  She explores new ways of working using digital technology, encourages

 innovative thinking, and translates the client journey using a luxury filter. Lori has a combined total of 25+ years in the customer service, with a natural  aptitude for  establishing meaningful relationships. In addition, her skillset includes Operations, Training, Visual Merchandising, HR Processes, Business Analysis and Product Management. Lori built a high-performance team by placing emphasis on  partnership, communication, and consistency.


During her downtime, Lori enjoys reading,  learning about economic factors influencing the Real Estate Market, continuous self improvement, surfing, and spending time with friends and family. She is also passionate about Health and aspires to live according to  Napoleon Hill's 7 Positive Behaviors. 


Harrison George
Loan Officer
NMLS #1502081

CMG Financial

Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 7.35.13 PM.png

Hawaii New Alliances partner Harrison George is a loan officer at CMG Financial, an innovative residential and commercial real-estate financing company in the country offering patented innovations tailored to your financial needs at locations throughout the US.


Harrison George, based out of Meridian, ID provides a variety of mortgage solutions tailored to fit the needs of repeat home buyers, first-time home buyers, real estate investors, or homeowners who need to refinance a mortgage. Harrison can teach you about all of the loan products CMG provides including conventional loans, FHA home loans, VA home loans, Jumbo Loans, home improvement loans, USDA home loans, crowdfunding through HomeFundIt, as well as grant and down payment assistance options. Get in touch today and experience extraordinary.

Mortgage solutions for repeat and first-time home buyers including Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, HomeFundIt Crowdfunding, Jumbo, and the All In One. 


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